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Redhead Productions


Redhead Productions is a Montreal-based production company dedicated to making documentary films that inspire, educate, and entertain.

We publish books every so often.

We also produce and run, an online magazine for and about Italian-Canadians.

Agata De Santis

Agata De Santis


Agata De Santis is an award-winning producer, filmmaker and writer. She is the founding president of Redhead Productions and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine, Agata's 2010 documentary film, MAL'OCCHIO, looks at the evil eye superstition. Her latest film, TERRA MIA, examines the future of the Italian community of Montreal. Her next project will tackle the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

Anita Aloisio

Anita Aloisio

Anita Aloisio is a documentary filmmaker, media cultural correspondent and artist. She has written and directed three documentary films. Her latest film, CALLIARI, QC, profiles renown musician Marco Calliari. She has a BA in Communications Studies and an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University. Her work revolves around issues of immigration, language and politics particular to Quebecois and Canadian society.

Elias Varoutsos

Elias C. Varoutsos

Elias C. Varoutsos comes from a unique background in athletics, psychology and film. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, while minoring in Theatre, on an athletic scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh. Elias has worked both in front of and behind the camera. His feature documentary film, CLAY VS. CLAY, is a raw intimate study of the implications of drug addiction.

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