AGATA DE SANTIS is an award-winning producer, filmmaker and writer. She is the founding president of Redhead Productions and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine, Agata's last documentary film, MAL'OCCHIO, looks at the evil eye superstition. Her upcoming documentary film, IN THE CASE OF JOHN FLORIO, will tackle the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

ELIAS C. VAROUTSOS comes from a unique background in athletics, psychology and film. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, while minoring in Theatre, on an athletic scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh. Elias has worked both in front of and behind the camera. His latest films include the short dark comedy SMELL MY MAGIC and the upcoming feature documentary film, CLAY VS. CLAY.

GEOFFREY ULOTH is a graduate of Communications Studies at Concordia University. He has spent the last fifteen years working within the Montreal film community, and has written, directed and produced four award-winning short films, including WILDFLOWERS/LES FLEURS SAUVAGES and THE ECSTASY NOTE. Geoffrey is the president of Evergon Arts, and has several projects in development.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS DA SYLVA is not one of those genius filmmakers that shot their first film at seven. It’s only when he realized that films could be used to command the attention of large groups of people that he began to seriously consider filmmaking. THE GRANDFATHER PARADOX is self-financed, and he proclaims it is the “best dollar-to-production-value ratio ever seen”, i.e. the film looks great and everyone worked on it for free!

LAURA IERACI is an editor and national award-winning journalist. She co-produced and co-directed her first documentary, UNLIKELY PILGRIMS, with fellow filmmaker Agata De Santis. The touching documentary takes an honest and unique look at young Canadians and faith. Laura also produced several half-hour television documentaries, and her first short, experimental film, WAITING, is currently in development.